Two States

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  1. 01 I'd Be Fine 3:34
  2. 02 Two States 4:27
  3. 03 Youth II 5:25
  4. 04 I Want You 4:39
  5. 05 Hope You Find 3:56
  6. 06 Different Kind Of Man 6:03
  7. 07 Going Home 4:35
  8. 08 Back Of Your Head 4:33
  9. 09 If You Wanna Feel Bad For Me, Don't 2:44
  10. 10 The Wild Dogs Howl 4:58
  11. 11 Closer 4:58
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“Two States” is an experimental pop album released by Cody Copeland in April 2013 after his return to Florida. Cody lived in two places that were polar opposites during the writing and production of this album. Imagine a musician traveling back and forth between the lively streets of Chicago and the desolation of the dunes on the Gulf of Mexico, and you have a better understanding of the rhythm of “Two States”. Cody’s songwriting takes you from old love to new, betrayal to forgiveness, hometown to downtown and everywhere in between, all with a softness that comforts you from your worst days to your best. It is a songwriting style that is unique, intimate and approachable. You won’t want to miss this album. All proceeds from sales on this site go directly to the artist. Thank you for your support!
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1 Comment

  1. seth cunnigan
    March 25, 2016

    Id Be Fine – makes me feel like im floating in a warm ocean, love getting lost in this song (i wish id known that id be fine…makes me feel like i can fly)…
    Hope You Find (wow…too relatable, excellent song)…
    If You Wanna Feel Bad For Me, Dont (pretty mature lyrics).

    Lyrics well thought out and the music floors me. And your voice, sublime… All the elements work so well that i get Excited to turn on everyone i know and meet to your amazing creations.


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