Photo Credit: Cody Joseph Painter

Cody Copeland grew up the rural town of Freeport in western Florida. He has lived in Chicago, New Orleans, and San Francisco and the impact of his environments echo in both his music and art. His paintings often features skulls, flowers and other natural wonders that surrounded him as he grew up. His music shows a comfort with quiet and solitude, although often incorporates synths and electronic samples that belie his small-town upbringing.

When work brought him back to Florida from Chicago in 2014, Cody found the change difficult and the mood reflected in his paintings.  Antlers, in particular, spoke to him and an analogy clicked in his mind: “I think of deer antlers as a metaphor for shedding something to let something new grow. Sometimes you have to let go of something so you can allow new, beautiful experiences to form,” he remarks. Cody continues to paint and create mixed media works from his home in San Francisco.

Cody’s music also displays the dichotomy of his experience. “Luster” was recorded in a remote cabin in Freeport before he moved to Chicago, and it shows in the album’s melancholy quiet. His album “Two States” was written partially in Chicago, and partially back home in Freeport, and shows the blissful tension of this experience. As with all of Cody’s original music, there is a very deliberate focus on mood & movement. His catchy melodies often incorporate synths and electronic beats and samples that add a taught energy to many of his tracks. This unconventional mixture of lyrics and style, which he jokingly refers to as “tough times dance music,” connects with audiences on both emotion & style. That isn’t to say all of his work can be described this way.  His albums employ an eclectic assortment of instruments ranging from thick slabs of vintage synthesizers to analog and electronic drums, glockenspiel, acoustic guitar, and occasionally, even accordion. These textural elements back a lush, smoky vocal delivery inspired by a childhood favorite crooner, Roy Orbison. He plays, records and produces all music himself. Cody is currently working on his 4th album, “Motion” with no official due date yet released, but has released 2 singles from this album so far, “Ever Wonder” & “Flashing Light.”

“Your first Cody Copeland experience will deliver chill bumps for sure. I have since worn out his must-have album ‘Two States‘ and cannot wait for his new album to be released. Nothing written or spoken will do his music justice. You must experience Cody Copeland live. He is a must-have for any and all venues and I cannot wait to have him back in mine!”

-TJ Hilton, Owner of The Green Door Studio Pub (Fort Walton Beach, FL)

“The soulfulness of Jeff Buckley with the style of Kanye West.”

-Central Square Records


-Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

Book Cody Copeland for your next event!

• 9+ years performing in venues of all sizes

• 3+ hours of material

• Has CDs and merchandise to sell at performances

• Has an extensive performance library of original songs as well as covers

• Self-promotes all shows on websites and social media

Cody is currently located in San Francisco, booking solo acoustic shows across the state.

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